Alex Crisostomos - Owner & Chief Trainer of TribeHD

I grew up, for the most part, here in Orange County, California.  Since my parents divorced when I was very young, I did a lot of bouncing around from place to place and due to the lack of stability in my childhood, I made some poor choices.  I had a rough time going through school, making friends, being accepted or feeling connected to something.

As I got older, I began getting into physical fitness.  At a time when there was so much chaos in my life, physical fitness became that something that provided me with the feeling of being connected to something bigger than myself, that one thing that I could control.  Around the same time, I had begun training in martial arts and through those two constants, I learned a lot about self discipline.  It was during this time that I also developed a greater connection to God and learned how important it was for me to feel connected to Him.

I have found so many parallels to my connections in my spiritual life and physical fitness, it has truly been a mind, body and soul journey for me.  Through the years I have spent much of my time mentoring people who are in all different stages and situations in life and have found such fulfillment in being able to pour into them with all the experiences of my struggles, my victories, and my losses hoping to see that with love, discipline, and faith there isn't any situation they cannot conquer.  


Matt Strickler - Group Instructor & Certified Personal Trainer

I didn't start taking my fitness journey seriously until my mid-twenties.  I lived most of my life being OK with just being in “decent" shape.  It wasn't until a friend of mine convinced me to sign up for a Muay Thai gym that I realized how much I loved being physically active.

Eventually, I started going to the big box gyms to concentrate more on lifting.  However, I quickly learned that big box gyms aren't as keen on passing along tips and tricks about fitness without paying extra, so I took it upon myself to learn more.  I began reading, watching and learning as much as I could on my own; seeing what worked and what didn't by implementing what I was learning and observing into my own routines.

I started developing workouts for my friends and family and eventually the suggestion was made that I should look into becoming a personal trainer myself.  So I did!

Having held personal training certifications (National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), among others) and finding success doing things on my own, it wasn't until I became a trainer with Tribe HD that my love for training was fully realized.

For me, as a trainer, there is no greater feeling of pride or accomplishment, than watching the ones I train not only reach their goals, but exceed them!


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